Dallas Future Society

Dedicated to the Advancement of science, literature, art, and music for the future of all mankind

The Dallas Future Society began informally in 2003 with the primary purpose of creating FenCon, an annual general interest science fiction convention devoted to bringing scientists, authors, artists, and musicians to the Dallas area.
With the success of FenCon in 2004 and 2005, the committee decided to formally organize under the auspices of the Dallas Future Society as a Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
View the history of FenCon at our Archive Site.
The Society has held FenCon every year, and each year it has expanded, not only in attendance but also in content to include more science, more children's education, live demonstrations, tech classes, art, music, and writing workshops. We're gaining notoriety for being an important focal point for bringing people from all over the country to share, interact, and learn.
In 2013 DFS launched WhoFest, a Doctor Who-themed convention.
With the ongoing success of FenCon, we look forward to providing more opportunities for our members and the larger community to continue learning how to make our future better through the fusion of science, literature, art, and music.